Our Annual Missions Conference is May 12-17

Guest Speaker - Malakai Rokoduru

                               Missionary to Fiji

Grace Baptist Church has committed over $1,000,000.00 to World-Wide Missions since the Church began in 2006

  • Our Missions Conference proved God's people are committed to spreading the gospel around the world.  
  • Nearly $130,000.00 was committed this year.  
  • After 50 weeks of this mission year of giving... 

                we have given $99,947.00 towards our Faith Promise Goal.

NOTE - YOU can become involved in our Faith Promise Missions program committed to sending the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world at any time. 

A commitment card can be turned in during any service. Decide to get involved and "...lay up treasures in Heaven where niether moth nor rust corrupt...".

Missionaries our Church supports monthly:

Brian Elam & family - Russia

Louise Warner - Philippine Islands

Adam Russell & family - Mexico

Garry Matheny & family - Romania

Ric Gerona & family - Philippine Islands

John Cook & family - Canada

Derek Thomas & family - Ukraine

Kenny Keck & family - Papua, New Guinea

Will Rogers & family - S'MORES (a ministry of helps for missionaries)

John Shrader & family - Zambia

Jason Rogers & family - Nicaragua

Lance Hohenstreet & family - Rock of Ages Prison Ministries

David Rea & family - Zambia

Xavier Lopez & Family - Bolivia

Christian Law Association (David Gibbs)

Seth Demerest & family - Uganda

Jerry Lantz & family - Brazil

Benjamin Park & family - South Korea

Marge Elam - (retired missionary to Brazil)

Harley Wait - Oceanview Baptist Church, Long Beach, WA 

Paul LeClerq & family - Guam

Mohammed Haniff & family - Suriname

David Rodrigues & family - Printing Ministry

Kory Mears - Church planter in Wenatchee, WA

Teri Short - (retired missionary to Fiji Islands)

Chuck Enebrad & Family  - Drummond Island, MI

Marion Jamawan - Philippine Islands

The Byer's Family - Anchor Baptist Church, Astoria, OR

Keith Morris Family - Ecuador

Steven Larson Family - Chinaeth 

Seth Shipman - Kansas city, Missouri


The ladies of Grace Baptist Church make and sell quilts to help raise special funds for our missionaries.  Usually, this money goes to pay for needed items for the missionary wives and children.  The quilts are displayed on Sundays in the foyer of the church, and can be purchased at that time.  

Please see Mrs. Carolyn Smith for details and prices of the quilts.